Accelerating Justice Reforms in Nigeria

    The AJURN project is at the forefront of Social Justice and Prison Welfare in Nigeria.

  • Adhealth Project

    Adolescent Health Campaign

    The ADHEALTH project caters for indigent girls to improve their hygiene and livelihood.

  • Rehabilitation and Psychosocial Therapy

    Therapy services to inmates and IDPs

    Legend Golden Care Foundation provides holistic rehabilitation for torture survivors, ensuring their complete recovery and successful reintegration into society.

  • GETECH Project

    Girls Empowerment In TECHNOLOGY

    The GETECH program has successfully trained 78 girls in web and digital office skills.

  • Beyond the Wall

    Hope for freedom Tournament 2.0

    The second edition of the Hope for freedom tournament was overwhelmingly successful.


Our Impact resonates with indigent individuals, particularly among those who align with our thematic areas. We make deliberate efforts to document and communicate our reach and successes.

Indigent pre-trial detainees represented

Inmates received psychosocial support
SGBV Prevention Awareness
Welfare outreach (Donations to orphanages, youths and inmates)
Staff and volunteers engaged
Girls trained and empowered with digital and web skills
SRHR Support Provided
Scholarship support to secondary school students


LGCF is a Non-Governmental Organization primarily concerned with the welfare of children, women, and inmates of correctional facilities. Our mandate comprises offering pro bono legal services to indigent inmates, increasing access to quality education for disadvantaged children, and supporting victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.

  1. Legal Aid 
  2. Promotion of Human Rights Principles
  3. Speeding Criminal Justice Process (Non Custodial Measures) 
  4. Policy Analysis 
  5. Gender, Social Inclusion and Rehabilitation
  1. Socio-Economic Empowerment 
  2. Entrepreneurship 
  3. Mentorship, Life Planning Skills and Leadership
  4. Women Economic and Financial Empowerment 
  5. Education 
  1. Research and Evidence Based Advocacy
  2. DigiTech Integration 
  3. Knowledge Dissemination and Capacity Building 
  4. Impact Assessment and Continuous Improvement

LGCF works towards achieving the following  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Our overarching objective, through our thematic areas, is to eradicate poverty and inequality while fostering health, justice, and prosperity for all individuals.

1. No Poverty

Join us in the fight to eliminate poverty and create a world of equal opportunities.

3. Good Health and Wellbeing

Working to ensure good health and wellbeing for all, because everyone deserves a healthy life.

4. Quality Education

Quality education is the key to unlocking a brighter future for all - we're committed to making it accessible.

5. Gender Equality

Empowering individuals, regardless of gender, to stand on equal ground in every aspect of life.

10. Reduced Inequalities

Reducing inequalities is at the heart of our mission, building a more just and equitable world.