Clinical rehabilitation for victims of torture

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Our Clinical Rehabilitation program provides comprehensive care and therapy for victims of torture, helping them on their path to physical and emotional recovery.

Psychosocial support for victims of torture

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Our Psychosocial Support services offer a compassionate and safe environment for victims of torture to receive emotional and psychological assistance, aiding them in rebuilding their lives.

Medico-Legal Services

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Medico-Legal Services at our center ensure that victims of torture have access to the legal and medical resources they need to seek justice and address the consequences of their experiences.

About LGCF Rehabilitation and Psychosocial Therapy Centre

Our unwavering commitment to reformation and the welfare of victims is unprecedented.

Established by Legend Golden Care Foundation (LGCF), this centre aims to provide comprehensive care and support to individuals who have been victims of torture, violence, and severe trauma. With a special interest in cases involving:

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Our Seasoned professional psychotherapist and counsellors are more than willing to help.

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