To ensure speedy dispensation of justice, provide access to justice and welfare for inmates and advocate for reform of the criminal justice system

LGCF advocates for the right of the people and the welfare of inmates in correctional facilities. We provide services that help reinforce their rights by offering pro-bono services to indigent inmates to ensure access to justice. We equally offer psycho-social support that will aid reintegration into society.
LGCF embraces and practices the intrinsic operational principles of an ideal democracy that seeks to promote justice, equity, accountability, respect for fundamental human rights, rule of law, and other good governance values that would usher Nigeria into a higher development trajectory.

Hope for Freedom Tournament

In this project, we engage stakeholders to support criminal justice reforms. We advocate for a reduced time frame for court processes and the welfare of inmates. We support correctional facilities in upgrading the system to a conducive one that aids the reintegration of inmates and prison de-congestion. We equally offer pro-bono and psycho-social support services.

We are consistently working with all stakeholders to ensure synergy between all responsible agencies/actors in the criminal justice sector.  The initiative is a five years self-funded project and we currently solicit partners that will further the work that we do.

Accelerating Justice Reform in Nigeria Project (AJURN)

After several meetings with Hope Behind Bars Africa, with the last being held on January 10th 2023, The Accelerating Criminal Justice Reform in Nigeria Project was born.

The Accelerating Justice Reform in Nigeria Project (AJURN) is a project implemented by Legend Golden Care Foundation and Hope Behind Bars Africa, two Non-Governmental Organizations, dedicated to championing criminal justice reforms in Nigeria. The project seeks to advance access to justice for indigent pre-trial detainees by deploying pro-bono lawyers, promoting the implementation of diversionary measures, and collaborating with key Government agencies and other stakeholders to decongest the custodial centres.


The Partnership between the two organizations  was cemented following the signing and execution of the Memorandum of Understanding.


The following activities have been implemented under the project:

Gender Equality and
Human Rights

LGCF strongly believes in advocacy and sensitization as tools to end sexual and gender-based violence and providing support to survivors.
We achieve this through campaigns, info-graphics, documentaries, school sensitization programs, engagement of policy makers and stakeholders. 
This purpose aims at addressing issues on child sexual abuse, harmful practices, domestic violence, rape, education of the girl child and inclusion of vulnerable groups.
Our legal support services include pro-bono services to survivors. We also provide survivors, and their families with information on their rights, legal procedures and provisions to help them steer the wheel of their journey to justice.
Our  Methodology:

Advocacy and Awareness

Raising voices to end violence and discrimination.

Support for victims

Empowering survivors on their path to recovery.


Knowledge drives change in our fight against gender-based violence.


Contributing to a safer, more equitable world through your donations.

AD-HEALTH Awareness Campaign

On May 23, 2023, the AD-HEALTH Awareness Campaign was formally initiated, and the LGCF team conducted a visit to Model Secondary School Maitama. The purpose of the visit was to provide training to girls regarding personal and menstrual hygiene, following an official approval from SUBEB to carry out the project.

Conducted Training on Menstrual Hygiene
0 Girls
Conducted Training on Personal Hygiene
0 Girls
Provided Psychosocial Support
0 Girls
Donated Sanitary Products
0 Girls

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