Girls Empowerment in Technology Project (GETECH)

The Girls Empowerment in Technology Project (GETECH) is a transformative initiative aimed at closing the gender gap in technology by promoting girls’ inclusivity in technology.

The project’s core objectives are to train and empower girls in the following:

  • Basic Administrative Skills

    To equip interns with foundational administrative skills essential for various workplace settings, including document management, communication, and organizational abilities.

  • Software Proficiency

    To impart practical knowledge of widely-used software tools such as Visual Studio Code (VS Code) for coding and text editing and WordPress for website management.

  • Computer Competencies

    To enhance participants' overall computer literacy, covering areas such as file management, internet usage, and troubleshooting common software issues.

  • Online Safety Training

    To educate interns on online safety practices, including recognizing and mitigating online threats, ensuring data security, and responsible internet use.


So Far We Have Engaged Young
Secondary School Girls In:

Web Development

Empowering secondary school girls in web development.

Microsoft Office

Mastering Microsoft Office for digital proficiency.

Visual Studio Code (CSS & HTML)

Boosting coding skills using Visual Studio Code

Desktop Publishing

Unleashing creativity in desktop publishing


Guiding through mentorship and support.

Beyond The Walls Initiative


The Beyond the Wall project has successfully engaged two correctional centers and have made noteworthy donations,  renovations and educational reforms.

One of its primary goals is to ready inmates for the job market while also serving as a rehabilitation tool. The significance of providing formal education to inmates lies in its ability to engage their minds constructively, furnish them with valuable skills for future employment upon release, and consequently reduce recidivism. 


The following activities have been implemented under the project:

With your help, we can make a real difference in the lives of Prison Inmates Young Indigent Girls |