Research and Development

At LGCF we drive our programs with data to help inform policies and interventions that benefit the masses by monitoring directions and patterns in the sector based on the information collected.
Through the data we collate we are able to identify our potential beneficiaries and partners, assess needs, design interventions and program impact. 
We utilize the data analyzed pre and post interventions which informs the modification and redesign of our interventions


Together with Hope Behind Bars Africa, we have come up with a policy brief  on the Review and Analysis of the Non-Custodial System in Nigeria. 

The use of non-custodial measures should not interfere with the campaign to decriminalise petty offences. There is a need for proper funding of the non-custodial service and one of the ways to do this is the activation of the Non-custodial Special Fund. 

Civil society organisations and other authorities need to play a major role in the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of non-custodial services.

This document outlines our recommendations for reducing overcrowding in custodial centres. 

The full brief is below and available for download.