We were at Model Secondary School, Maitama on the 23rd of May, 2023 to launch our ADHEALTH campaign. It was also an avenue to commemorate the menstrual hygiene day which took place on the 28th of May. Menstruation is a normal fact of life in the girl child, but many women all over the world face a period stigma. We celebrate this day to join in breaking the silence, raise awareness and change negative social norms around menstrual hygiene. We trained over 80 girls on the importance of hygiene and menstruation Our program coordinator on Gender and Human rights trained the girls in a session designed to provide them with important information and practical tips for maintaining good menstrual hygiene. The right way to wear a pad was also demonstrated. This was very insightful for the girls as many of them have not started menstruating. By the end of this session, they had a better understanding of why menstrual hygiene is important, how to maintain good menstrual hygiene, and how to manage menstrual hygiene effectively. Sanitary pads were also distributed at the end of the event.   The aim of the campaign is to: To educate secondary school students about the importance of personal and menstrual hygiene. To empower 12,000 girls with the knowledge and resources necessary to manage their menstrual hygiene effectively. To reduce the stigma associated with menstruation and promote a positive attitude towards menstrual hygiene. To promote healthy habits and behaviors among secondary school students. We hope to continue this great work we have started. We have a pad donation bank coming up soon. So keep your eyes on our socials and website to be a part of the movement.