Girls’ Empowerment in Technology (GETECH) – Empowering the next generation of tech superstars

The ‘Girls Empowerment in Technology (GETECH)’ initiative is a groundbreaking program aimed at preparing secondary school girls for immediate employability upon completion of their secondary education. Through strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations such as the High Tech Center and TechHer NG, GETECH is not only equipping participants with vital tech skills but also cultivating their leadership capabilities. In a world where the tech industry’s influence spans across sectors, GETECH serves as a crucial avenue for young women to bridge the gender gap and contribute actively to this burgeoning field. By fostering tangible skills and empowering mindsets, GETECH is on a mission to reshape the narrative of gender equality and technological prowess in Nigeria.   A significant milestone has been achieved through GETECH’s efforts, with a successful six-month training program in Desktop Publishing and Web Development for 78 students from the Government Secondary School Mpape, Abuja, Nigeria. This training has laid the foundation for these young women to navigate the intricacies of the digital realm confidently. As GETECH progresses, we are excited to announce the commencement of the pre-internship phase, where participants will gain hands-on experience and practical insights, further bolstering their skill sets. By nurturing the talents of young girls and providing them with the tools to thrive in the tech arena, GETECH is actively contributing to a more inclusive and forward-looking tech industry, fostering a legacy of gender equality and technological empowerment.

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