Legend Golden Care Foundation (LGCF) Demands Alternative Sentencing Options for Prison Congestion, Commends House of Representatives for Prison Decongestion Efforts

Legend Golden Care Foundation (LGCF) extends its appreciation to the House of Representatives for their recent initiatives aimed at decongesting and overhauling the 244 correctional centres across Nigeria.


Mrs Kanayo Olisa-Metuh, the Executive Director of LGCF, expressed her satisfaction with the lawmakers’ actions, describing them as a step in the right direction. She emphasized that the House’s endeavours are in line with LGCF’s unwavering campaigns for prison decongestion, including the adoption of non-custodial and alternative sentencing options, especially for minor cases.


She commended the House of Representatives for heeding the advocacies and campaigns by organizations like LGCF, acknowledging their commitment as partners in enhancing the administration of criminal justice and the well-being of inmates in Nigerian prisons. She specifically praised the Chairman of the House Committee on Reformatory Institutions, Hon. Chinedu Ogah, for being an ardent partner in conveying the support of the House of Representatives.


LGCF is encouraged by the proactive steps taken by the House of Representatives to address prison congestion and appreciates the valuable recommendations put forward during the session. We urge the House to ensure the implementation of these recommendations by relevant government agencies.


Furthermore, LGCF emphasizes the necessity of increased funding in legal aid programs to ensure that all accused individuals have access to quality legal representation while recommending the implementation of alternative sentencing options, effective documentation, and monitoring to reduce the number of non-violent offenders in correctional centres.


In addition to these measures, LGCF calls for the accelerated implementation of policies that enhance parole and probation systems, as well as restorative justice practices that focus on rehabilitation and community healing.


Legend Golden Care Foundation earnestly urges the government to prioritize investment in comprehensive rehabilitation and reentry programs. Insufficient resources in this area not only hinder the successful reintegration of individuals into society after their release from prison but also significantly increase the risk of recidivism.

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